Saturday, April 10, 2010

spring clean

The sun beats down on the cobbled path outside Enas’ house. With a hand on each front hoof, her brother escorts a reluctant white sheep towards her, two water basins, and the water hose for its weekly clean.

“Look, this one is beautiful,” says Enas, holding up its black nose as she scrubs it. “Her name is Fairouz ... no Haifa. Do you know Haifa Wehbe, the Lebanese singer?” She laughs.

One by one, each sheep is scrubbed down with laundry powder that her elder sister, in a black dress and brown cardigan, sprinkles from a small plastic bag. Enas combs each animal's fleece with a black hair brush.

Each sheep -Enas says there are 20- escapes as soon as it is rinced and, shaking itself down to the delight of the young children watching, slips back up the path to its clean friends.

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