Saturday, November 5, 2011

al-sha3b yureed new clothes for 3eid - part 2

Amira al-Sharif has posted a Facebook update on her sisters' peaceful living room protest for new clothes for Eid, after their father, a protester in the current uprising, announced that price hikes meant no presents this year. She writes:

Al-Sharif's Sisters' Night Meeting and New Decision
November 5, 2011

At dinner the good father looks sad, and eat little bit. Al-Sharif's sisters felt guilty because they thought they hurt his feelings. In a meeting in the candle light, they decided to remove the three tents from inside home as they prefer to stay without new clothes and Eid sweet rather than to see their father being sad. One of Al-Sharif's sister said, "My father felt sad may be he thought we are treating him as the president and it is hard for him to be treated as the tyrant Ali Saleh, at time he is one of the protestors, and doesn't deserve we do tent to demonstrate at home."

Correspondent from home in Sana'a,
Amira Al-Sharif

Photo by Amira al-Sharif

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