Saturday, November 5, 2011

al-sha3b yureed new clothes for 3eid - part 3

The night before Eid, all's well that ends well in the al-Sharif household. Some of the peaceful protesters' rights have been fulfilled, writes Amira al-Sharif.
As published before Al-Sharif's sisters remove the tents and take any things that could refer to demonstration at home. Though there is thing happened not expected that they get some of their demands which is great. They get Eid sweet, nuts, almond, raisin, orange Juice, glasses, spoons, perfumes, and all the ingredients for the cookies.

Right now toys and Al-Sharif's sisters are celebrating in the light of the candle while they still making the Eid cookies. Tomorrow will be the Eid, and all kids at home are excited, though all women so busy in the kitchen, in the early morning our male relatives will come to give us Asb (which an amount of money as a gift), so we will be rich tomorrow.

Al-Sharif sisters declare we love our father.

Correspondent from Sanaa,
Amira Al-Sharif

Happy Eid!

Photo by Amira al-Sharif

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